Frequently Asked Questions

By system generated emails user will be informed and updated accordingly about the product.

There are two types of delivery methods through which data can be offered
  1. FTP (File Transfer Protocol)
  2. Physical Media (BlueRay Disc)

There is a range of products which can be searched and ordered according to requirement which are given in table below.
Processing Level Level Description
Projected Level-2A Radiometrically and geometrically corrected data, where geometric correction is made according to a cartographic and geographic coordinate system without GCP’s
Level-2B Radiometrically corrected data with geometric correction made with GCP’s

After 14 days (2 weeks) FTP data download link expires and data will be deleted automatically by the system.

User can browse our catalogue as a guest user. But orders can only be placed after creating an account and signing in.

Yes, you can import or even draw multiple polygons at the same time. Any image added to the basket will be part of the same order, regardless of the polygon.

You can browse our catalogue to see what suits you best. Addiotnally you can also contact us and our operators will guide you in making a choice.